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The Apple Digital School article below is a story Apple posted on their website about the work I did in creating the Integrated Digital Curriculum at The Gillispie School, in which every teacher and every 3rd - 6th grade student received and Apple laptop computer.
The iSummit article below was a story I wrote that was published in the NAIS quarterly publication of "Independent Schools".
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Originally published in Independent School, volume 68, number 2, winter 2009.  Copyright © 2009, National Association of Independent Schools.  All rights reserved.  Reused with permission.
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Receiving, with Jacquie Olivier in 2005, the National Association of Independent School's
Leading Edge Award in Technology Innovation for our Integrated Digital Curriculum

This is an Article from the "La Jolla Light" about a collaborative global awareness project called Rock Our World, which I did with second grade students at The Gillispie School.